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Do you still believe in the magic of Christmas? We do at the Christmas Eve Box Shop and we’d like to share it with you.

There’s no other evening quite as enchanting as Christmas Eve and for children it really is the most exciting day of the year. The advent doors are nearly all open, the tree is brightly lit and Santa is making his final preparations for the long journey ahead. As the wonder of Christmas is upon us watch with delight the sparkle of your child’s eyes as they open their captivating Christmas Eve Box. These special North Pole deliveries are filled with luxury treats to prepare for the night ahead and will set alight the anticipation of Santa’s arrival.

It’s not clear where or when this trend started, but in recent years a Christmas Eve Box is fast becoming a festive tradition. Open your box together and watch your child burst with excitement at all the charming gifts inside.

This year we have created a range of beautiful Christmas Eve Boxes to fit every budget. From our vintage cotton gift bags to our luxurious keepsake boxes we are sure all of our special deliveries will bring magic to your home. Exquisite hand-made treats, sumptuous satin ribbons and lavish glossy boxes will fill children with delight as they prepare for Santa’s arrival.

We’ve also opened our online store and have added some extra Christmas treats, along with the option to purchase individual Christmas Eve Box items. Our Magic Elf Door packs and Scout Elves are proving to be a great success and are a great way to start this wonderful time of year. Another new arrival this year are the huge Christmas sacks, featuring an adorable penguin, with plenty of room for Santa to fill with presents.

Everything you need to ensure a perfect start to your family Christmas but order yours now to avoid disappointment.

Keep the magic of Christmas alive in your home with our simply stunning

Christmas Eve Box Shop.